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As a chain, our concept and brand doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, so we know we are doing something special.

We have developed all the logistic and operational systems you will need and we are growing. We already have franchise partners in Hungary, Bratislava, Sofia, and Lisbon. So join our mission to share our food and philosophy with more people in more destinations. The international hummusbar train is on the move - climb aboard!

Why is it a great opportunity?

Our brand is young, fresh attracting all ages.

We serve the food of the future at affordable prices,

through an easily operable business model with low costs and great income.

  • It is a proven concept and a profitable business.

  • All branches operate successfully from day one producing a quick return on the investment.

  • We provide you with the full business package you will need - you just adapt it to your market.

  • All know-how will be passed on to you, through our online information, training and exam system.

What do I need to know to operate a branch?

Our brand is young and fresh, therefore attracting all ages. We serve the food of the future at affordable prices, through an easily operable business model with low costs and great income.

What is the initial investment?

The initial investment is around € 100.000 depending on size, location, etc.

What is the size of the branch?

Standard restaurants around 60 sqm, food-court branches around 40 sqm. This can be more, and less as well.

How do i choose a location?

All the important aspects of a successful site will be fully discussed from the outset and you will be able to draw on the industry experience we have gained in looking for the perfect location.

What is the initial investment?

We’ll give you the full ‘know-how’ through our support structure. Previous experience in the food retail industry is not required.


"On our way back home from Germany with my wife we stopped at Budapest and this act has changed our life forever. We fell in love and it was love at first sight! Friendly, trendy, sexy. And the taste… DELICIOUS! Our journey with hummusbar is a joyride ever since. By now operating 3 branches (opening the 4th one) at Sofia, we are extremely happea that we took this great opportunity and introduced the best hummus and this successful brand to the people at Bulgaria.”
Nikolay and Mariela - franchise partners Sofia, Bulgaria

Single / Master franchisee
You can become a Hummusbar franchisee by opening a branch but some of our current franchisees have gone on to operate more than one outlet. The opportunity to become a Master franchisee and own the Hummusbar franchise rights for a certain area is open for discussion and is always a tailor-made partnership.

we are looking for...

Entrepreneurs who want to invest in a globally expanding business

We are looking for you to represent our brand by bringing positive values and vibes into the hummusbar franchise family. 

Multi-brand corporations are ideal partners for us and our goal is a win-win partnership. You will need capital, an appropriate business attitude, a humane outlook and time to set up and run the branch in order to participate. 


    How do we start?

    Please contact our Franchise Sales Team by giving your details and answering the questions below.
    We’ll get back to you via WhatsApp or email.